Students who are in 8th grade band have the chance to go to Disneyland to participate in a special Disney Soundtrack workshop and then enjoy time in the park.

Bands at Sinaloa

Sinaloa Middle School has a comprehensive, fun and exciting band program. With separate 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade bands, plus an after-school beginning band tutorial, students of all levels get to have fun making music.

Band students learn all of the standard band music, including marches and exciting programmatic pieces, plus they get to participate in exciting themed concerts.

Past themed concerts have included: "Rock and Roll," "Music of the 20th century - one song from each decade," "Ancient History," and more.

Students in the band program can also participate in the jazz bands, rock bands, the musical, mariachi band, percussion ensemble, and more.

Students in the Sinaloa band program also had the opportunity to participate in the Marin County Marching Band, - an exciting band that was chosen to represent the State of California at the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C.

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